How to get started on the Community as a new/returning user.

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Welcome to the WithSecure Community! You've come to the right place for an answer and I am pleased to welcome you and walk you through a few things to get you started.

Firstly, this is a dedicated platform for WithSecure customers, formerly F-Secure Business, so if you're an F-Secure consumer, click here to be redirected to the right page.

First-time login

The WithSecure Community uses the Business Account. If you already have a Business Account (e.g., for the Elements Security Center), you may skip registration and proceed to log in using your existing Business Account credentials especially if you are a partner or an admin managing your company's account.

For returning users from the F-Secure Community platform, you may attempt to Log In using the same old/existing credentials but if you encounter any challenges, request a password reset or simply create a new account. To create one, click on the "Register" button in the top right corner then fill up the form. 

Email already exists

If you encounter an error that your email address already exists, click on the "forgot password" link to reset your password and a new password reset link will be sent to that email.


We have loads of exciting Avatars that may suit your personality. Remember to choose from the list or upload an image of your choice to give your profile that befitting and radiant look.

How to ask a Question or start a Discussion

  • Click on Help Forum
  • Click on Products or choose the category you wish to post your question. For a Discussion, click on General Discussion under General
  • Click on New Post then Ask a Question
  • On the draft page, you will have to choose a product category according to the product you need an answer to

Difference between a Question and a Discussion

  • You can start a Discussion if you wish to engage other Community users on an offtopic, none WithSecure product-related subject. Do keep in mind our Community User Guidelines and abide by them.
  • If your question is regarding WithSecure products and services, then you may use the Ask a Question button.

How to find a Support Article

At any point in time, wherever you are, you can go to the Support Article category to find Knowledge Base articles on subjects relating to any of the business products, Common Topics, Other WithSecure Products and Changelogs. Simply click on Support Article on the top left to get going.

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