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In-browser virus scanning for uploads

Bappy W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout



I'm building a multimedia portal application for my organisation to allow individuals to upload photos and videos to our servers. 


We have an anti-virus product on our back end servers which will protect our network if any virusses are uploaded. I have been asked however to investigate the possibility of adding an additional layer of security to have the upload content scanned for virusses in the user's browser prior to the file being uploaded to us.


I'm aware that there are online virus scanning tools available (such as which requires that the file is uploaded to a 3rd party server for scanning. This is not ideal due to bandwidth requirements etc.


I have seen that f-secure offer a free product to home users that involves running a virus scan 'online' via their browser - Is there an equivalent enterprise solution whereby we could scan an individual file that has been selected by the user for upload? The file is available in our front end browser application as a JavaScript File object prior to it being posted to our upload server by an XHR request. Being able to pass this JavaScript File object to a JavaScript virus scanning API would be the ideal solution.




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