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Server Security v. 12.10 Databases outdated?

rfc1925 W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

I removed the application via the uninstallation tool. Rebooted.  Installed the application  & rebooted. 


OS: Windows 2008 R2


I have tried fsaua reset & fsdbupate tools. 


Automatic Updates - Databases Outdated

Real-time scanning - Databases Outdated. 


I keep seeing 

Installation of 'F-Secure Network Interception Framework Update 2017-11-01_01' : Retry at restart

It looks to be updated though? 

]Mon Jan 01 05:27:28 2018(3):  Database 'hydrawin' version '1514798791' db_size '14120471', free '118910066688'
[10480]Mon Jan 01 05:27:28 2018(3):  Downloaded 'F-Secure Hydra Update 2018-01-01_01' - 'hydrawin' version '1514798791' from, 14120471 bytes (7397170 bytes downloaded)
[ 7948]Mon Jan 01 05:27:28 2018(2):  Update check completed successfully.



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