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Exploit.CVE-2017-0199.Gen related

ravi12 W/ Alumni Posts: 57 Security Scout


We are using Policy Manager 12.31 to manage our clients and server class machines.After pushing definition update of 01 jan 18 in all our machines. we are witnessing that many MSoffice and other trusted documents are detected as malware named Exploit.CVE-2017-0199.Gen and these files are either Quarantined or Deleted by F-Secure. Hence, we are loosing our precious data.Pls provide the solution. 


  • ravi12
    ravi12 W/ Alumni Posts: 57 Security Scout

    sir , how do you confirm that it is false-positives,our office files are getting deleted,do needfull it's urgent.

  • Ben
    Ben W/ Alumni Posts: 664 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Ravi, 


    I couldn't find any lab submission with your community email address. 

    Could you send me the submission reference by Private message so I can check its status internally?



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