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Policy manager detects host but policy & updates don't update

GVB W/ Alumni Posts: 15 Security Scout



After upgrading the policy manager to v13 and distributing the latest client too all clients we seems to have some issues.


Some clients don't seem to connect to the policy manager at all and some connect but don't pull in the latest policy and the updates status is either wrong or showing 'unknown'.


on (windows 7) pc that I can use for testing I tried about everything from PM repair, manually remove, using the clean up tool, cleaning up the registry manually (there are some HIPS key that I can't remove tho).


Anything else I can try to get this updating working right ?



  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello GVB,


    Do you have PM version 13.00, or  13.10? If you have 13.00, please, upgrade to latest PM 13.10.

    Also, just to be sure, the latest client you mentioned is 13.10 as well, right? If you have upgraded your clients from version 12.x to 13.10, sometimes you may need to restart client machine twice to get the Client Security fully functional.

    If you have PM version 13.10, and additional restart of the client machine doesn't help, please, contact support. We will need more diagnostics information from your PM and one of affected clients for investigation.


    Best regards,



  • GVB
    GVB W/ Alumni Posts: 15 Security Scout

    PM is 13.10.84021.


    FSCS is 13.10.215.


    I noticed that sometimes when you remove the client software and reinstall it that the installer completed without problem altho nothing was installed onto the system.


    A second run of the install makes it work but in this case the PM doesn't display everything right.

    The client shows that everything is fine even the updates are pulled from the local server according to the logs.


    I'll contact support tomorrow.

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