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Which are the commands to obtain some informations through MYSQL Database?

felipassas W/ Alumni Posts: 8 Security Scout

Hello there,


Which are the commands to obtain informations through MYSQL Database?


Supported objects:


License - License data (if possible)

  • Policy Manager Server - Service (on linux/windows) 
  • RTPState.{Unknown |NA| Disbled} - Realtime protection on host is Unknown/NA/Disabled/etc.
  • DeepGuard Status- When DeepGuard status is disabled, unkown, na, etc.
  • NotRunningRTP - Anti-virus application is installed but real-time protection on host is not running;
  • Status.{OK | Critical | Warning | Any } - Host(s) extended status: Any, OK, Critical, Warning;
  • AlertsOnHost - Number of alerts detected on host is too much;
  • AVBasesAgeMoreThan7Days - Anti-virus bases were updated more than 7 days ago.

If you guys could help me with anything, I'd appreaciate very much.


Thanks a lot!


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Felipe Santana


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