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Internet Explorer Has Encountered a Problem - NTDLL.DLL

Marc Peters
Marc Peters W/ Member Posts: 17 Cyber Knight

Since an update to the database definitions to FSecure all our work stations (Windows 7 and Windows 10) are receiving errors saying Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close when trying to access various sites.  If we uninstall FSecure the issue does not happen. It appears to be a definition update for Ultralight released yesterday afternoon that is causing the problem.


Is anyone else having problems?


I have logged a call with support.


  • MarkT
    MarkT W/ Alumni Posts: 9 Security Scout

    We are having huge problems today with sites that trigger connection control, more tests needed but same symptoms as the OP.

  • Zoltar
    Zoltar W/ Alumni Posts: 23 Security Scout

    Hi All,


    Yes - we are having big issues as well with IE 11 on Windows 7 .


    Before I saw this post I had just posted the same question.

    This looks like it could be linked to the  Ultralight Updater update released yesterday 28 March around 12:11 GMT.


  • Rick1978
    Rick1978 W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Hi There,


    We are all facing the same issues.

    It has definately something to do with F secure 's recent updates.

    For some reason i found out that disabling the Shockwave flash plugin solves the crashing.


    Just wanted to share this info


    Geetings Rick

  • Zoltar
    Zoltar W/ Alumni Posts: 23 Security Scout

    Dupicate of the data in the other record for Internet Explorer Issues:-


    Hi Rick


    Thanks for that update.

    I just got an update from F-Secure.


    For a test on just one system, they got me me unregister the fsamsi32.dll & fsamsi364.dll  files.

    (We had identified the fsamsi32.dll  file as being as the cause of the crashing in some crash dumps we got out of IE)


    This action also seems to resolve the IE crashing issue.


    This has been fed back to F-Secure.
    They also  said that are now working on this issue as a "major incident" so hopefully we might see a permanent fix being released soon?

    (I do hope we see a global fix soon - I have a lot  of customers who are very unhappy with me :<(  )

  • Zoltar
    Zoltar W/ Alumni Posts: 23 Security Scout

    Is there anybody from F-Secure who could keep all the members / customers updated via this forum  on the progess / timescales of this "major incident"?

  • Zoltar
    Zoltar W/ Alumni Posts: 23 Security Scout

    Hi F-Secure


    Can we have update on when you hope to release the fix for the “bad” Ultralight update of 28 March?


    Currently I cannot get any response from Support about this “major incident”, and I feel a bit deserted by F-Secure at the moment.


    I have a work around in place for customers who have connected to our domain, but I have hundreds of customers who are working standalone who will not get this internal fix, and will not be able use our corporate Internet Explorer browser.


    They are relying on F-Secure to release a fix via their update channel


    Does anyone else have a way into support and know any updates on this issue?



  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



    Please tell us if the hotfix has already been released for automatic distribution? I am seeing the IE crash problem on a Win7-x64 home computer protected by FSIS.


    Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • MarkT
    MarkT W/ Alumni Posts: 9 Security Scout
    Update appears to have corrected the problems, thank you.
  • khushi
    khushi W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

    If the ntdll.dll file is creating an issue when you access it then it is not a common issue you have to delete that file before your computer has beed crashed and download ntdll.dll file again from the authorized website and it might be solve the issue.

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