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What is the purpose of [updateservices] firewall service?

hyvokar W/ Alumni Posts: 165 Junior Protector


I found firewall service [updateservices] in couple of PMCs. 
What is this, and what should it be used for? Does this exist by default, or has someone added it manually?

Was building a new firewall profile, and while testing, I noticed that I could reach scopes that was not white listed. Found out, that [updateservices] allows me to connect for example our limited access web servers in port 8080. 


  • hyvokar
    hyvokar W/ Alumni Posts: 165 Junior Protector

    Just installed a fresh copy of PMC 13.11 and "[updateservices]" is present. What is this?
    By the looks of it, it allows all the traffic trough the firewall, and renders the whole firewall useless, if you happen to use this by mistake. 

  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master

    That service is designed to allow the client to fetch Updates from PMS/F-Secure, even if it is switched into etwork quarantine, which can be enabled from Internet Shield/Network Quarantine (advanced view).

    Network Quarantine happens after xx days old updates. It blocks all inbound and outbound traffic except communication with PMS/Update services.

  • hyvokar
    hyvokar W/ Alumni Posts: 165 Junior Protector

    Thanks, now it makes sense Smiley Happy
    Where do you define [updateservers] or is it the servers configured in client security client?
    Would like to have a list of [] services and hosts (like [MyDNS]), could be usefull when configuring a new profile

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