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Windows Server 2019 - supported by F-secure?

reneshelle W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

Will Server Security 12.12 run (without problems) on Windows Server 2019 Standard? The OS is not listed as supported in the release notes, and 12.12 seems to be the latest version released.


I needed to replace an old server running Windows Server 2008 r2, and since end of support will be January 14, 2020 I thought I might as well go with a new version of the OS now. I know it's still early days for Windows Server 2019, but I knew the limited tasks the server provides would be working just fine, so I went with 2019 instead of 2016. Should have checked earlier, I know, but in a moment of optimistic bliss I didn't expect the OS to be unsupported.


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