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Problem with updating and checking the settings

Wida W/ Member Posts: 6 Junior Protector


I have a problem with version 14 and 14.1 updates. When installing the client asks if I don't want to use default ports such as 80, 443 and domains
The server is configured like this:ports


Is this localhost entry good or rather you need to ip the server enter either the domain.


test portsIs this exclamation mark to be there or is to be a green marker...


After installing the client on the host I have a small problem because it installs it on the old port and the IP of the one he just asked about and does not transmit to communication those that are in the server settings. What is proved by the prompt, the update was unsuccessful. Because you can see this old port 80.

port sux

When you enter custom address and port 81 in the Connection tab, when the update works.
So please tell me how to install it so that you don't have to enter it by hand.


hand write

In some host computers it works because you can see not so much IP but even the domain name and port 81 and in some not and it is like in the photos.... In previous clients there was no problem even did not ask about this port and domain....


Thank you in advance and ask for an answer.

best regards SW


  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Wida,


    Localhost is OK.


    Information mark is OK.


    Please, note, that the PM address/ports you specify in Remote installation wizard "Configure configuration with Policy Manager Server" page should fully correspond to the address of your server.

    Also, make sure, that in PM Console > Settings (Standard view) > Central management you have Policy Manager Server host configuration settings are configured properly. Preferably, set the final flag for them.


    If you still have issues, please, contact support. We will need diagnostic information from your PM and affected client machine for investigation.


    Best regards,


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