Network Event Alerts; Firewall



When im configuring my firewall rules i set some warnings on some of the rules. This to check how much these are triggered.

The thing im seeing is that sometimes these alerts say that my user is triggering these even im not logged in.

I also removed my profile from one of these computers. Still the same problem.

Its not with all of them. Some of them give the right user who's logged in.

Is this maybe because i installed it with my account?


Example: Im not logged in, another user is, still gives me alerts from my account




Policy manager v13.11

Client Security v13.11




  • MJ-perComp
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    whatever is causeing that, does it lead to any malfunction or is it just cosmetic?

    V14.02 is out and no longer using the F-Secure firewall. Cosmetic changes to V13 will likely not happen any more.



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