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F-Secure Client Security Premium - Software Updater - Allow unsigned updates manual installation

Ivo W/ Alumni Posts: 9 Security Scout

Dear sirs,

we have some failed updates with status: Could not install update: the signature was invalid

We changed the settings for manual installation to: Allow unsigned updates manual installation.

All the same, after the change of the settings, software updater doesn't install the unsigned packages.

Please, how to fix this?

Thank you.



  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master
    SWUP is not designed to manage your own development. It will always and only use the updates released by the original vendor.

    If you have a vendor that still publishes unsigned software this setting (accessable from advanced view) should allow to install those updates but only in manual distribution!

    You have some options:
    1) step on the vendor's toe and stay there until he signs his software. Certificates are avaiable from 79$/p. year. This is NOT state of the art security!
    2) kick the vendor and choose a signed software.
    3) As this is a rare case you might need to open a case with F-Secure support
    4) Manually roll out that updates or use a different tools to do so.
    Even a GPO should be able to handle that.
  • kmastemaker
    kmastemaker W/ Alumni Posts: 11 Security Scout

    Hello Ivo,


    have you been able to solve this? I am getting the same issue with Adobe updates. Did not have this problem before. It started with the updates released in the beginning of april i believe.





  • Ivo
    Ivo W/ Alumni Posts: 9 Security Scout

    Hello Klaas,

    unfortunatelly I couldn't solve it yet.

    I got an advice, I can allow to install unsigned software updates in manual distribution, but this option in Policy Manager doesn't work!

    The other options like to contact vendor and ask for signing of the software, or searche for signed packages I couldn't manage till now.

    Best regards


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