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Impossible product registration

NSOB Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout
I need your support for the resolution 'a problem, I'm trying to deploy the solution F-secure 
but I have trouble registering my product despite the fact that proxy is well configured
and https traffic is allowed in the par -fire and proxy credentials are specified in
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ F-Secure \ Management Server 5 \ data \ fspms.proxy
You would find attached the catch



  • A_Grinkevitch
    A_Grinkevitch WSAccount, PartnersAndResellers, WSEmployee, WSProductManager, TKB_publishing Posts: 169 WithSecure Product Manager

    Hello NSOB,


    Could you please check c:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Management Server 5\logs\fspms-registration.log for the exact reason?




  • NSOB
    NSOB Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout
    I checked everything is correct.
    what can it be due to ?
  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master
    Please follow Alex' post and send the line from the Logfile.

    likely PMS is unable to connect through your proxy, so try to allow any access to * for the server.
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