massive unistallation tool from PMC

Sometimes upgrading packages in PMC troubles with connections between client and PMC arises. 


many times troubles with FsUninstallationTool.exe I have solved on clients individually


the question is: is it possible to launch  a massive FsUninstallationTool.exe from PMC?


Thank you.



  • Vad
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    Hello ueeperito,


    We don't have a tool, which can be distributed from PMC.

    Some reasons:

    - if the product is up and running, and connected to PM, you can use "uninstall" on installation tab.

    - if the connection between client and PM can't be established, the uninstallation tool will not be delivered as well.


    We do have a standalone sidegrade MSI package, which can be used for uninstalling our products, as well as competitors. GP can be used to deliver and execute it on local machines.

    Please, contact support, if you are interested in it.


    Best regards,


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