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Complete Unisntall of Client Security

_Vincent_ W/ Alumni Posts: 14 Security Scout

Unfortunately, one of our customer will leave us and choose to completely uninstall F-Secure CS.


So I think the best for me is to use one of the following tools :


But, there are no information about command line for a silent uninstallation of the product.


I found this :


- You can create a logon script for this. This are the options for script Usage:

1 - UninstallationTool.exe  - Accept licence terms, GUI shown, Prompt for reboot (Consumer default)
2 - UninstallationTool.exe -a --nogui  - Accept license terms, no GUI displayed, auto-reboot
3 - UninstallationTool.exe -a --nogui --noreboot  - Accept license terms, no GUI displayed, no auto-reboot
4 - UninstallationTool.exe -s -a --nogui  - Completely silent, auto-reboot
5 - UninstallationTool.exe -s -a --nogui --reboot-delay=60  - Completely silent, auto-reboot 60 seconds after execution finishes (with user countdown)


But it does not seems to work...


Can someone give me some advices about how to make a complete uninstallation with script?

It will not be possible to use FSPM to do this action as network will be cut between workstations and FSPM.


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