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Client security 12.x

Mrcmwt W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

Hi there,


I am using fs client security 12.1 at home, free of charge from my former employer. My question is: is cs 12x outdated and therefore is it risky to use it?


2nd question: I suppose I have to pay in order to upgrade to cs 14.2 or I have to buy e.g. Fsecure safe !for private use?


Ps: i don't have the management console installed, being at home.


Thanks and best regards


  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Mrcmwt,


    CS 12 versions are not supported for some time already. So, I would recommend to upgrade to newer CS version, or to shift to fresh F-Secure consumer product. Whatever is more suitable for you.


    Best regards,


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