uninstall F-Secure Client Security from policy manager console when my license is expired


i want to uninstall F-Secure Client Security from all of my client but my license is expierd so i cant access it,i have 1000 client and F-Secure Client Security  have uninstall password.

what should i do?


  • James Chang
    James Chang Posts: 416 Moderator

    Hi ParsTadvin


    You may use our Uninstallation tool listed here.

    The tool takes precedence over any policy and uninstall the product as it requires an admin rights. It is used as a last resort to remove all traces of F-Secure on the machine.

  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser

    Hi, I could send you an offer for renewal... ;-)

    Honestly, what is the reason for kicking 1000 F-Secure Clients?
    Can we help to defend F-Secure?




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