Business suite clients temporary without domain connection?


Is it correct that with business suite clients automatic updates can be downloaded only from policy manager server, proxy or neigbourcast?

We have a situation when few of our normally network connected laptops should be temporary used without domain connection because of Covid-19. What happens to virus protection?

Thanks in advance

~ Jukka ~


  • JamesC
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    Hi Jukka

    The clients will update from our GUTS2 F-Secure Update Server, if PM Server is unreachable. By default, it is one hour. You can check the settings under 'Advanced View' settings

    Automatic Update Agent > Settings > Communication > Allow Fetching updates from F-Secure Server / Intermediate Server failover time

  • JukkaV
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    Hi Jamesch

    That's good to know. Didn't find the Place


    ~ Jukka ~

  • JAhoniemi
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    I have similar situation but also need to get new policy for those workstations. I have latest policy manager and client are 14.x, mostly 14.22. Can I still get ne policy file to those computers manually? I know it was possibli with 13.x clients. How can I do that if I can?

  • Vad
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    Hello JAhoniemi,

    To export the policy from Policy Manager Console (14.10 and newer) and take the policy into used on a remote host with Client Security 14.10 installed, you need to do the following:

    1. In Policy Manager Console, select the remote host under policy domain tree, and make the necessary change in the settings.

    2. Distribute the policy.

    3. Right click on the remote host, and select "Export policy file for 14.x host".

    4. Save the file as "safe.S-1-5-18.base.cosmos"

    5. Copy the file, safe.S-1-5-18.base.cosmos to the remote host with Client Security installed.

    6. net stop fshoster

    7. Backup and replace safe.S-1-5-18.base.cosmos in C:\ProgramData\F-Secure\COSMOS using the one you copied from PM server.

    8. net start fshoster

    Best regards,


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