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EVM Discovery Scan Changelog

Sylwia W/ Alumni Posts: 44 Security Scout

Elements Vulnerability Management Discovery Scan feature changes will be published under this announcement thread.

Every time there is a change, an entry will be created under this announcement describing new functionalities, improvements or bug fixes.

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  • Sylwia
    Sylwia W/ Alumni Posts: 44 Security Scout

    Old change logs moved from:

    Publication time frame: February 2022 - September 2022

    Version 78303, released February 9, 2022

    [RADAR-21821] - Discovery Scan engine migrated to .Net 5 self-contained

    Version 78487, released February 15, 2022

    [RADAR-21790] - Improved log messages on incorrect Discovery Scan configuration

    Version 78639, released February 21, 2022

    [RADAR-21886] - During Discovery Scan, the UDP scan for the given host is always performed even if no TCP port is detected open or no ping scan is successful.

    Version 79493, released March 21, 2022

    [RADAR-22124] - Fixed an issue with Discovery Scan logs not being available on Windows-based scan nodes.

    Version 80345, released April 21, 2022

    [RADAR-22349] - Improved the reliability of the operating system detection.

    Version 83385, released September 12, 2022

    [RADAR-23428] - Scan engines now use Nmap 7.93 for port scanning.

    Version 83473, released September 15, 2022

    [RADAR-22422] - Discovery Scan now forward-confirms what was found using reverse DNS.

    Version 83540, released September 20, 2022

    [RADAR-23537] - Fixed an issue in which reverse DNS obtained hostnames were not reported.

  • Marcin Gryska
    Marcin Gryska W/ Staff Posts: 23 W/ Staff

    Version 96969, released July 8, 2024

    Fixed issues:

    [RADAR-28074] - Fixed reporting wrong progress value during discovery scans with mixed no-ping/ARP ping scans.