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linux security 64 licensing

fused W/ Member Posts: 1 Security Scout

I can't understand why it's so complicated to get a clear price structure for your products.

We'd like to have a command line scanner but understanding the license needed for that is beyond achievable. It seems like everyone is trying to upsell us.

I talked to a sales rep and was told it's only possible to have it running through Policy Manager package generation and that "cloud" version supports only Win and Mac. But that isn't true.

Right on your Linux Security page, below downloads section, there's an invitation to "Say Hello to Elements!". So I did exactly that, requesting a trial, logging into web UI, going to downloads page, downloading RPM and installing and activating according to docs. It works and no Package Manager on Windows is needed! Host also appeared in the list of Devices in web UI.

Which leads me to believe I'm being tricked. Again, what license do we need that won't cost a fortune and a half?

Another thing I noticed is the confusion between versions. Linux Security v16 on Package Manager 15 running linux security 64 being itself v12 with minor release 345 or wtf is that. It's confusing as hell. And how do I see info on downloaded bases, how fresh they are? Take a look at your rivals ease of use cli:

$ drweb-ctl baseinfo
Core engine version:
Virus database timestamp: 2023-Nov-30 12:11:35
Virus database fingerprint: 96FA719AA63236DE979CE5F747755B1C
Virus databases loaded: 307
Virus records: 12010918
Anti-spam core is not loaded
Last successful update: 2023-Nov-30 14:42:33
Next scheduled update: 2023-Nov-30 15:12:34

It's clear as day.