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PM10 Autodiscover FSMA Version = Unknown

APe W/ Alumni Posts: 6 Security Scout

I recently upgraded PM from an earlier version to PM10. I now find that when I autodiscover clients I can no longer Hide those which are already managed as exisiting clients are showing up as "unknown", un-managed clients show up (correctly) as "Not installed" and there are a few Win7 that show up as "Unknown, Unable to connect to registry on the remote host." which is also expected as i have not turned on remote registry for them yet.


I cannot work out why the existing Windows XP clients are not showing their FSMA version and am beginning to wonder if it is a hint of a more serious issue. I can talk to their remote registry okay. I deployed a FSAV to a workstation and checked it is managed okay, but even that fresh install on a fresh client still shows FSMA Version as unknown.


If anyone could shed some light on this issue I'd appreciate it.


  • Peter
    Peter W/ Alumni Posts: 127 Threat Terminator

    This 'FSMA version = unknown´ issue has been reproduced in-house and is a new flaw introduced in PM v. 10.

    No immediate solution available for time being but one option considered is adding a new 'Find unmanaged hosts' feature to the product, which could even use Active Directory for discovering new and unmanaged hosts, most importantly making the feature faster and more reliable compared to the current implementation.

  • APe
    APe W/ Alumni Posts: 6 Security Scout

    Thanks, I'll wait for a patch then.

  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master



    a workaround would be to install a complete PM9 on a (XP) Workstation. Use the same ADMIN-Keys!!

    Import CS 9.11

    Find unmanaged hosts from that PMC and push CS9.11 to the hosts and provide the PMS10-address as the management server.

    The hosts will ask PM10 for a policy, autoregister there and if the Autoimport rules are correct they will automatically get the righ policy.




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