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Slow response from PCs when updating virus databases

J-C W/ Alumni Posts: 46 Security Scout



One of my customers is complaining about slow performance on their "cash register" PCs. This seems to happen when F-secure is downloading updates from the server. All of them are running on Windows XP SP2 and Client Security 9.01

What happens is that during the updating, the cash register gets very slow and when they try to scan items to sell, it kind of freezes for a few seconds, up to about a minute, before the transaction is complete.


Could this be because of F-secure updating virus databases? Whenever this happens they get a call from the store to the servicedesk and they restart the PC and all is well until next time.


Previously the automatic update interval has been set to 12 hours to try and prevent F-secure from updating too often?

I have a theory that if set to 12 hours, F-secure downloads more data then if set to 1 hour e.g? This is the case for other stores with the same customer and it works fine. These are however located in a different country.


Could this be caused by slow connection to the server? I don´t know exactly the bandwith of the connections to the stores but I wonder if a proxy server / neighbour casting could help this situation?


See text below from the logfile.log on one PC that has this problem, can someone please explain a little bit of what happens during this update and why it seems to download and update som many databases, is it normal? :)


2  2012-06-06  09:27:39+02:00  XXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXX\User  F-Secure Anti-Virus  Virus definition database(s) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 7zip.xmd access.xmd ace.xmd adsntfs.xmd alz.xmd aqu.index aquarius-update.ini ar.xmd arc.xmd arj.xmd aspy_emu.cvd avxdisk.xmd bach.xmd bdcore.dll boot.xmd bzip2.xmd cab.xmd cache.000 cache.001 cache.002 cache.003 cache.004 cache.005 cache.006 cache.007 cache.008 cache.009 cache.010 cache.011 cache.012 cache.013 cache.014 cache.015 cache.016 cevakrnl.cvd cevakrnl.ivd cevakrnl.rv0 cevakrnl.rv1 cevakrnl.rv2 cevakrnl.rv3 cevakrnl.rv4 cevakrnl.rv5 cevakrnl.rv6 cevakrnl.rv7 cevakrnl.rv8 cevakrnl.rv9 cevakrnl.rvd cevakrnl.xmd ceva_dll.cvd ceva_emu.cvd ceva_vfs.cvd ceva_vfs.ivd chm.xmd cookie.cvd cookie.xmd cpio.xmd cran.cvd cran.ivd dalvik.cvd dalvik.xmd dbx.xmd disp.xmd docfile.xmd dummyarch.xmd dummyscan.xmd emalware.000 emalware.001 emalware.002 emalware.003 emalware.004 emalware.005 emalware.006 emalware.007 emalware.008 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If I upgrade to CS 9.20, would this version e.g. download "less" updates? Also, I have plans for making at new package for installation of CS 9.20, if I "compile" it without e-mail scanning and browsing protection, (this is not necessary on cash registers), would this make it update less databases?


This has been going on for quite some time before I started working with this customer but no one has been able to solve.


Very long post and many questionis at the same time, but any help in how to troubleshoot this matter is much appreciated. :)


Thanks in advance!




  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello JC,


    I'll try to answer your questions.

    > Could this be because of F-secure updating virus databases?

    Yes, this is known problem, that during installation of aquarius update the system could be heavily loaded for some time.

    If this "cash register" PCs have less then 1Gb of RAM, the aquarius update installation process can take several minutes.

    Note, that we are talking only about installation. Downloading of updates shouldn't affect the performance much.


    > Previously the automatic update interval has been set to 12 hours to try and prevent F-secure from updating too often?

    Seems, that this was the reason. Maybe, it's possible for you to set this interval so, that the updates will be installed during the lowest activity of  "cash register" PCs.


    > I have a theory that if set to 12 hours, F-secure downloads more data then if set to 1 hour e.g?

    Total number of downloaded updates will be less if you chose 12 hours interval, as for some engines several updates can be published during 12 hours, while you will download only the latest one.


    > Could this be caused by slow connection to the server?

    Most likely no.


    > what happens during this update and why it seems to download and update som many databases, is it normal?

    Yes, this is normal. By the way, the downloading process is optimized, and only differences from installed databases are downloading.


    > If I upgrade to CS 9.20, would this version e.g. download "less" updates?



    > Also, I have plans for making at new package for installation of CS 9.20, if I "compile" it without e-mail scanning and browsing protection, (this is not necessary on cash registers), would this make it update less databases?

    Yes, but you'll still need the aquarius update.


    For more detailed investigation I would propose you to contact support:

    Please, provide to support the fsdiag from one of affected PCs, when it's in this slow performance condition.


    Best regards,



  • nimbystripes
    nimbystripes MyAccount Posts: 8 Security Scout

    That is right, the faster your unit and specifications, the faster it loads especially when it comes to installation process. image

  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



    If Win XP SP2 is in use, trying to defend computers is a futile attempt. If the OS cannot be modernized, at least use SP3 plus the 111 winupdates that come after it. SP2 has more holes than a sieve and many of those gaps allow properly written malware to by-pass AV protections.


    Do cash registers really need FSCS? Maybe FSAV WKS 9.31 would be enough, with less RAM footprint due to lack of a personal firewall. If the computers are protected by a gateway-level firewall and are not used in mobile fashion, only "desktop" style, then FSAVWKS 9.31 may be enough and things will be smoother.


    FSC partner support told me it is not supported to turn off Aquarius and rely solely on pro-active defence (DeepGuard and heuristics).


    Maybe automatic updates should be disabled and there should be only two updates per day, one in the dawn and one in the evening, when sales ops are not negatively affected.


    A refined soultion could be to selectively disable the download of the Acquarius channel in the AUA / AUS config file, so mid-day automatic updates do not cause high-CPU situation. Then the non-work hour dawn and evening updates could be made in a manual / scripted manner, via running "fsdbupdate9.exe" on the PMS, so these times the big Aquarius database is also updated.


    Sincerely: Tamas Feher, 2F 2000, Hungary.

  • J-C
    J-C W/ Alumni Posts: 46 Security Scout



    Thank you for your answers. All the clients (cash registers) have dual-core CPUs and at least 1,5 GB RAM installed so it should not be a HW issue. OS is actually XP SP3 + all additional patches. The problem still continues, tickets and complaints coming in almost every day.


    I also sent in fsdiag files from clients which experience this problem, but got a message back saying they look fine.


    I guess that the solution is to disable automatic updates and make clients update manually some how.


    Instead of scripting this, could I use the scheduler found under F-secure Antivirus in advanced mode, there is a possibility to choose "poll for updates", would this work the way I want if I also disable automatic updates?


    In addition to this I think I will create a new package where e-mail scanning + browsing protection are not included.



    Pls let me know your thoughts on this, if it can be done in any different/better way?


    Thanks and regards,


  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello J-C,


    I'm afraid that the only way to manually update databases is to use fsdbupdate9.exe from


    Best regards,



  • J-C
    J-C W/ Alumni Posts: 46 Security Scout

    Hi again,


    Sorry to nag you about this! Smiley Happy Can´t I use the below setting for "scheduled updates"?

    If not, what is it used for?











  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



    What I would unofficially recommend is to edit the \fsaua\program\fsauarep.cfg file on the PMS 10.01 Windows server computer and put a double-cross sign in front of the "subscribe aquawin32" line. This will leave automatic updates turned on (for Hydra engine quick reaction for example), but the most database-heavy item will NOT be fetched automatically and distributed to clients at inconvenient times of the day.


    Next, the sysadmin could use the Windows OS's built-in task scheduler to download and run the "fsdbupdate9.exe" file on the FSPMS server at convenient times (for example twice-daily, in the dawn-morning and evening-night period). This would download and distribute the database-heavy Aquarius update item for continued full protection, but at an out-of-work time of the day, when normal business activity is not negatively affected by a few minutes of high CPU and RAM usage by F-Secure.


    Sincerely: Tamas Feher, 2F 2000, Hungary.

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