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Scheduled Scan - Policy manager Issue

MrJ MyAccount Posts: 4 Security Scout



I have the last few days been setting up and testing the F-secure policy manager since we are about to deploy F-secure to our systems.


I have created a Scheduled task with a weekly quick scan (/t12:00 /rweekly /s5 | generic) and a monthly full scan. (/t14:00 /rmonthly /s1) - in the advanced mode. Fsecure 1.jpg


The policy is showed fine under the Policy domain, and the one client im testing on. But under the status of the Client there scheduled task isn't there. On the laptop with the software installed there isn't any scheduled task either, (have looked in the windows task manager as well.)

Fsecure 2.jpg


Fsecure 3.jpg


Any one there have a ide how to fix this? :)





  • tripodzid
    tripodzid MyAccount Posts: 10 Security Scout

    This is weird. Should it not be set up on the laptop as well? I mean should it also be set up seperately?




    Business is the game. image

  • MrJ
    MrJ MyAccount Posts: 4 Security Scout

    I hope not. Then i have to set the schedule on 200 laptops so that will not be a solution. Smiley Happy


    I need to get the policy mangere to do it for me. Just need to figure out how? 

  • Ben
    Ben W/ Alumni Posts: 664 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello MrJ,


    Can you make sure that the policy containing the scheduled task has been distributed(CTRL+D) and that the client received it.

    To check that the latest policy is in use on the client go in anti-virus mode and the status tab.

  • MrJ
    MrJ MyAccount Posts: 4 Security Scout

    Hi Ben,


    The policy with the scheduled task should should be distributed, but maded som changes that wasn't distributed but they are now.


    The status under the advanced view is still no scheduled task. 

  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master

    F-Secure is using the systrem scheduler. Is that active?

    Could you create a task in Windows itself?

    Does it work with a XP-Client in the same domain?


  • MrJ
    MrJ MyAccount Posts: 4 Security Scout

    I will take a look on it monday when im at the office again Smiley Happy


    XP ? :-P we dont have any client running xp Smiley Happy everyone on Windows 7 and a few left on Vista. 

  • draval
    draval W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout


    I found this topic - I have the same problem - policy is distributed and applied to clients, but the scheduler scan - not. Missing in the status tab. FS AV 9.50 (FSCS 11), Policy manager 11. I can create schedule task manually in client security settings. Is there a solution?


  • Ben
    Ben W/ Alumni Posts: 664 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Draval,


    You say that the schedule task doesn't show in the status tab. Does the scan run on the clients?

    Is it visible on the Windows scheduled tasks settings?


    Please provide also more details on the Operating system used.



    Thank you

  • draval
    draval W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout

    Thanks for the answer Ben,

    Your questions pointed me to see that actually the task appears in client's Task scheduler, but does not run. In the history there are only "Task registration updated" every day. The parameter is /ti15 /rmonthly - so it try to run at 0:00 h, when most of PC's are off. But those that are online doesn't start too. Which log could I check?  OS-es are  Windows XP sp3, some Vista sp2 and mostly Windows 7 SP1 32 and 64. PMServer is installed on MS Server 2003 sp2 std.


    Best Regards!

  • draval
    draval W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout

    Hello Ben,

    - Yes, those are the parameters:
    month full    /ti15 /rmonthly    Scan Local Drives

    - They have to start as you mentioned (with random delay, as I read)


    So I will check what hapens in windows environment and may change the way the task triggers. Will post the results.

    Thank You very much for the advices!


  • draval
    draval W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout

    Hello Ben,

    I changed parameters to run the scaning task during the day and it starts normally on client's PCs. Thank You very much!

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