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Protection Service for Business ( PSB ) Rollout / Installation Tips

jackma W/ Alumni Posts: 25 Cyber Knight

Protection Service for Business ( PSB ) Rollout / Installation Tips


Note: community feel free to provide additions to experiences and tips when it comes to rollout of the PSB products.


Remote Installation Tool


You can download the Remote Installation Tool from the portal. This provides you with a Windows UI where you can enter the installation executable for the PSB Workstation. Further you provide Keycode and account credentials and choose which of the Windows network browsed computers you want to initiate a push installation to.


Batch Script


Log in to the portal and download the PSB Workstation Install file. Then you could add a login script to your domain or just create a batch file like below to deploy the client to workstations.


Example script (install.bat):

IF EXIST C:\dummyfile.0 EXIT
START /WAIT psbinstallationfile.exe /SILENT /K:xxxx-xxxx-xxx /LANG:ENG /REBOOTDELAY:360
PRINT > C:\dummyfile.0


Comment: The script will obviously have to be run with at least local administrator privileges. It will not install the products twice as long as it can find the C:\dummyfile.0 file which is checked before the actual installation starts.


Command line options are:


/SILENT Run Setup in the silent mode. If specified, this parameter must be the first.

/LANG:<AAA> Specifies the 3-letter abbreviation of Setup language

/K:<keycode> Specifies the installation keycode.

/HIDE:"<dialogs>" Specifies the comma-seperated list of dialogs to hide.


For scripted and automated installations:

/RITOOL Remote Installation Tool compatibility mode.

/REBOOTDELAY:<n> In reboot dialog, allow delay of up to n seconds (0=no timer)


For secondary (self-unpacking) instances:

/UNPACK:<submask> Specifies the relative path and mask inside self-unpacking archive.

/TO:"<path>" Specifies the absolute target path.


/NOUPDATE Disable fetching the updates at installation time.


All options are case insensitive.


  • klauzser
    klauzser MyAccount Posts: 12 Security Scout

    Very informative instruction. Thanks a lot for the tip. image

  • MN2M
    MN2M MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Hi Jacma


    Do you know where I can find a complete list of options? or better where there should be a tool to generate this install files for costumers?


    Chers Joakim

  • MN2M
    MN2M MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Hi Jacma


    Thanks a lot for your reply, this is very helpfull for situations where the users somputers isn't attached to the domain, so you can't push the installation, and the users have to pull it from the network :)


    Best Regards


    Joakim Reck

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