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PM 10.01 Console Advanced Mode does not show status of PM server address and many others

Yrjo MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout



PM 10.01 Console Advanced Mode does not show status of PM server address unless I go to workstation, look at the server address and OK out of settings.


This is the policy:



Server address not shown:




After touching the settings on workstation address is shown:




Also many other settings are not shown.




  • jackma
    jackma W/ Alumni Posts: 25 Cyber Knight
    unfortunately I cannot give you more input about the "status not reflecting" at this time, but I see a different major problem here.

    You have not set the server address to "FINAL". You absolutely need to close the lock next to the option. Only then can you be sure that your central setting is actually *taken into use*.

    If, for example, as you describe, you touch a setting locally on the client (even if not changing it), the local product will take that setting into use no matter what you set via the PM.

    I can confirm that, even in my working test environment, the status information of the *advanced mode* is missing.
    You can find all relevant operational information in the status view of the *anti-virus view* though.

    Try setting the option or generally all options to final. Close the lock. There is a special option called "Do not allow users to change any settings" which can only be found under Settings > Centralized management . Click that setting on the highest level of your Policy domain and then loosen the setting on a case per case basis.

  • garlangreeny
    garlangreeny MyAccount Posts: 10 Security Scout

    Now I see how this works. Thanks a lot. Nice post. image

  • Yrjo
    Yrjo MyAccount Posts: 2 Security Scout



    Thank you for explanation. I locked the server address and now none of the clients show address on Advanced Mode.


    On clients PM server address is greyed out. Only PM Console status "Policy in Use" (Latest - Not Latest) is indication of which clients are connectetd to this PM Server.



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