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PM 10. No Clients Imported

hb W/ Alumni Posts: 6 Security Scout

Hey Guys,


New to F-Secure. Have setup a new installation of PM 10 On a W2K8R2 Server).

Imported my AD Structure. Created Polciy. Pushed Client Security out via auto discover to two hosts.


After 2 days these hosts still have been imported into PM? Not sure what I can do to get thm to show up. If i go into Import New Hosts and hit refresh nothing is shown.


Client log files are stating that they are operating in online mode.


Not sure what i may have missed, Any help would be appreciated






  • garlangreeny
    garlangreeny MyAccount Posts: 10 Security Scout

    Just follow the instruction provided in the manual and you will surely can set it up right. image

  • hb
    hb W/ Alumni Posts: 6 Security Scout

    Hey, I have followed these below instructions my AD structure is sucessfully created but no hosts have been imported.


    You can import a policy domain structure and hosts to Policy Manager from an Active Directory structure


    1.Select Edit > Import Active Directory structure from the menu. The Import Active Directory structure wizard appears.
    2.Enter the location of your Active Directory server and a user name and password that provide at least read access, then click Next.
    3.Select the Active Directory domain, the containers you want to import and the target policy domain you want to import them to, then click Next. Containers that include hosts will be highlighted.
    4.Review the import rules, select which rules you want to create, then click Start. The selected rules will be applied to the hosts from the Active Directory structure that send a request to be managed by Policy Manager.
    5.Wait until the import operation is completed, then click Close to exit the wizard.


    Currently my F-Secure Policy Server sits on a different network segment than my hosts.

    I have been told  by support that the Autodiscover function will only work if hosts are able to be seen through 'net view'. Does the same ring true for hosts needed to be imported from Active Directory?


  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master

    Autodiscover and autoimport are to different things.


    Autodiscover is to PUSH the software onto the systems. After the installation they will send a registartion request to the Server.


    In the PMS you can see all hosts that have successfully installed the software in the import wizard. The wizard has a list of import rules. If the hosts information matches a rule it will be imported to the (sub)domain.


    when importing the AD-structure you only create auto-import rules. nothing else.


    install the software manually to one host and check if it matches the created rules or if it stays in the "new hosts" list.


    When that works, then think about how to rollout F-Secure to the rest of the hosts.


    Either you can use Autodiscover (will only work in the same network) or use an exported MSI and installit by other means.


    You could also install a PMC inside the other network, rollout and remove the PMC again.



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