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License Status / Remote installations

Timtim W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

Hi all,


two questions:


1. is there a way to get an overview of used/unused licenses in policy manager? What happens if I install more clients than I have licenses? Is there a grace period?


2. what is the best practise for installing the Windows client (client security for windows) in low-bandwidth remote locations? I am used to Kaspersky´s non-working/always-failing remote update agent installations, and I was wondering if F-Secure has something similar..


Thanks in advance




  • jackma
    jackma W/ Alumni Posts: 25 Cyber Knight

    1. The PM does not technically count licenses. So there is no overview of used/unused licenses. Your license contract gives you legal permission how many licenses you are allowed to use and how long. You will see how many systems you are protecting in the policy domain though.

    2. You import the .jar installer into the Policy Manager. Then you export the .jar as an .MSI file which triggers the client install wizard where you can set the keycode, management url etc. Then you can use that .MSI in the remote location to install it via other software distribution methods.

    You could also install the PMC in the remote location too and do a PUSH installation from there. The .jar will then only be downloaded from the PM to your PMC once.

    Clients will fetch their update from the PM in your HQ, if they cannot reach it then they will go to our internet servers to fetch updates.

    Remember this: if you in future would go from version 9 to e.g. 10, then I strongly advise you to export a version 10 .MSI and transport it to the remote location manually. Storing it on a file server there and then running a .bat script to upgrade the software would be the best method, since you will not be using any bandwidth for the install data from the HQ.

    Also you can get the daily full package of virus databases from here . You could immediately run it on systems you just installed or upgraded to further limit how much bandwidth is used.

    Then for the day to day setup, you can either use a Policy Manager Proxy (a server with our PMP software installed) to reduce to updates bottleneck to the PM server and/or activate Neighborcasting for the clients in the remote locations.
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