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F-secure does not uninstall former antivirus.

Demetis W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout



We plan to use Policy manager to deploy f-secure. We currently use forefront End point protection.

If I checked "uninstall any conflicting product", I end up with two antivirus.


What is the point to deploy f-secure with Policy manager if I need to uninstall the existing antivirus manually on each desktop ?


Is there a way to uninstall the old antivirus automatically ?


  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



    I do not understand you. Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection is not a virus or malware, it is a honest security program. Why should F-Secure or any honest antivirus vendor remove it? Why should they mess with each other's products, that only creates animosity among vendors who ought to cooperate in the fight against hackers?


    I have always been very hostile to that idea. Each vendor ought to provide a standalone uninstall tool for its own product portfolio and most of them do, indeed!


    Microsoft provides the instructions to remove Forefront via System Center Configurations Manager? That is their usual modus operandi. See here:



    Allso, an unsupported command line trickery is supposed to be:


    "C:\Program FIles\Microsoft Security Client\Setup.exe" /x /u /s


    based on the suggestion told here:


    Sincerely: Tamas Feher from Hungary.

  • Demetis
    Demetis W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Thank you etomcat for this reply,

    I will try the link to uninstall Forefront.


    Antivirus is not an ordinary piece of software. I would be furious if Firefox tryed to uninstall IE. But when installing an antivirus, all other previous antivirus need to be uninstalled. It should not create animosity among vendors as it is an operation your need to do prior to install a new anti virus, as they often cohabit hardly, simply by the fact they will try to access the same files. It is only something to simplify user (or administrator) life.


    Microsoft provide such service automatically, and it is very appreciated:




  • Jayson
    Jayson W/ Alumni Posts: 106 Firewall Master

    Hi Demetis,


    You may try our Sidegrade tool.




    Best Regards,

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