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New Hosts after upgrade

Mick W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout



Im working in PMC(10) on updatating virus definitions (from 9.10 to 9.32) for an subdomain of 11 computers and i noticed something abit strange.


What im doing:

When going under "installation" and 9.10 "upgrade" and choosing new package 9.32 and setting url for PMS and "Randomly generate Global Unique ID" -> uninstall conflicting.... -> "Ask user before restarting"

This is the short config setup im using. And then finnishing, im getting that its upgrading F-Secure Client Sec... from 9.10 to 9.32 for domain XXxXx..


Im getting 0 failed / 1 in progress / 10 succeeded , this looks great right. (few days later)


But the 1 computer that is "stuck" in progress is showing up under "new hosts" and if i import it and have a look it has the new updates 9.32, policy = Not latest. (UID is not the same)

Then if i remove the old one (the one that is in progress" so i dont have duplicates) then the new one gets updated policy (after a short while). Why is this happening? I mean its 1 computer of 11? I´ve seen the same thing happen in other subdomains aswell. Had 3 computers "getting stuck" and showing up as new hosts while around 20 others worked great on a diffrent subdomain.


Anyone got an idea?


  • ElseH
    ElseH W/ Alumni Posts: 13 Junior Protector

    Hi Mick!


    Thanks for sharing your solution!!!

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