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Quarantined file missing

JouniJ W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

I´m using F-secure Antivirus for Workstations 9.00 and on friday 10/26/2012 virusscanner gave generic alarm for variant.zusy.elzob. I suspect that this is an false positive alarm becouse i have checked file with numerous offline scanning tools not finding any sign of virus. Anyway is was going to unquarantine it and mark it for fsecure not to scan it in future. Today being monday 10/29/2012 i was going to unquarantine it but no there is no file to mark for unquarantine in Fsecure settings. Also the actual file is missing from folder. I have tried to use unquar tool but it doesnt find anything to unqarantine.


Can i save file somehow?


  • AndyT
    AndyT W/ Alumni Posts: 7 Cyber Knight

    Hi JouniJ,


    Regarding your situation, please check the removal.log to confirm the file is on quarantine or is remove?



    Removal log:

    Window XP
    %alluser%\application data\f-secure\logs\fsav\users\removal.log

    Window 7



    Please make sure the final action of the file is quarantine, it should in the following directory as below. The TAR folder is a hidden foler. Copy the whole Tar folder and submit to SAS portal.


    Kindly include the infection name on the ticket details.



    Quarantine folder:
    Window XP
    %alluser%\application data\f-secure\Quarantine\Repository\TAR
    Window 7



    For more information on recovering quarantined items from the quarantine folder manually, please check the artile as below:





  • Jayson
    Jayson W/ Alumni Posts: 106 Firewall Master


    Anti-virus for Workstation is our Corporate product. I moved this post to End-point Security board.


    Best Regards,

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