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Unable to change administrator e-mail settings, Final Attribute error message

Fairco W/ Alumni Posts: 5 Security Scout



Using the web console of E-mail and Server Security, I want to update the administrator e-mail addresses and the alert types they receive. I found out this can be done on the General->Administration->Alerts tab. However if I change anything, I receive an error message stating:


"Failed to write settings into policy. One of the settings has Final attribute."


Then all changes reset back to the original state.

It is not exactly clear to me what is this "final attribute", and I fail to find any information on it. But one thing is sure, the settings right now are wrong and should be changed ASAP. Is there a way to override this attribute, or am I forced to reinstall the whole Server Security?


The software in question is a standalone installation and not bound to a Policy Manager.


EDIT: sorry, it IS bound to a Policy Manager!


  • Fairco
    Fairco W/ Alumni Posts: 5 Security Scout

    Jari-P, you posted the solution a moment before, but you deleted it since then.

    Nevertheless, I was still able to view your suggestion and apparently it worked! I was wrong in my OP, my installation is bound to Policy Manager, perhaps the lack of remote installation confused me.

    Sorry for the misinformation and thank you again for your help!


  • Jari-P
    Jari-P W/ Alumni Posts: 35 Cyber Knight

    Hi Fairco,


    Yeah. I didn't read your last sentence where you told that it's standalone, so that instruction was for centralized management :)



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