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Print drivers blocked by F-Secure?

Gaasbeek W/ Alumni Posts: 17 Security Scout

We have a weird problem.


For 3 weeks now we have the problem that F-Secure is blocking the installation of print drivers.

When we disable the F-Secure Gateway we are able to install the drivers without problems.

When gateway is active it tries to download it but stays like that and it will not continue.


We where using F-Secure 9.00

Whit that version we where looking @ a downloading message for more then 10 minutes.

We have now installed version 9.32.


And it still takes about 2 minutes before it continues.


After it is fully loaded, I check the printers in devices and printers and it will not load.

Looks like the print spooler crashed during installation.


This does not happen when the F-Secure has been disabled.


The print drivers we are using are all signed and checked.

They have not been updated in the last 2 months.

So that isn't the problem.


The only thing i can think of is an update.


The print drivers that is giving me the problems are all HP.


They did not cause any problems before.



Any one who has an idea what has happened and how to fix it?

Turning off the f-secure during installation isn't really an option.




I found the following error message in the eventviewer.

I forgot to post it


Logboeknaam:   System Bron:          F-Secure Gatekeeper Datum:         17-12-2012 13:46:28 Gebeurtenis-id:1 Taakcategorie: Geen Niveau:        Fout Trefwoorden:   Klassiek Gebruiker:     n.v.t. Computer:      PHT001.ovr.prv Beschrijving: Kan de beschrijving van gebeurtenis-id 1 van bron F-Secure Gatekeeper niet vinden. Het onderdeel dat de gebeurtenis heeft gestart is mogelijk niet op de lokale computer geïnstalleerd, of de installatie is beschadigd. U kunt het onderdeel op de lokale computer installeren of herstellen.

Als de gebeurtenis van een andere computer afkomstig is, moest de weergave-informatie bij de gebeurtenis zijn opgeslagen.

De volgende informatie is in de gebeurtenis opgenomen:


Gebeurtenis-XML: <Event xmlns="">   <System>     <Provider Name="F-Secure Gatekeeper" />     <EventID Qualifiers="49157">1</EventID>     <Level>2</Level>     <Task>0</Task>     <Keywords>0x80000000000000</Keywords>     <TimeCreated SystemTime="2012-12-17T12:46:28.776087400Z" />     <EventRecordID>4167</EventRecordID>     <Channel>System</Channel>     <Computer>PHT001.ovr.prv</Computer>     <Security />   </System>   <EventData>     <Data>     </Data>     <Data>\Device\HarddiskVolume1\Win...tsprint.dll</Data>     <Binary>000014000200440000000000010005C000000000020100000000000000000000000000000000000004000000B0060000040000004000000000000000</Binary>   </EventData> </Event>


  • Peter
    Peter W/ Alumni Posts: 127 Threat Terminator


    Hi Gaasbeek,

    A multitude of issues could cause similar behavior. I believe the fastest way of understanding the problem and finding a solution would be for you to create a support ticket and include the fsdiag in the submission.

    This allows us to confirm the details of the environment, including verifying product settings and checking for possible run time problems in our end-point protection client.


  • Gaasbeek
    Gaasbeek W/ Alumni Posts: 17 Security Scout

    I would love to do that.

    But the page keeps on crashing on me.



    Will try it later on today

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