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F-Secure Protection Server blocks PDF attachments

jQ W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout




I have the followinf problem:


F-Secure Protection Server ®  - Version 6.0,  blocks incoming emails that contain PDF files. Not all PDF files are blocked, but only the ones that contain a special attachment inside the PDF file - a file with extension .joboptions . Thsi file is generated whan the PDF file is created by a user in a remote company and is not a virus.


The Reason for the block is "AV: corrupted"


Is sais that the triggered rule is "module.av.rule.error", but this seems to be a system rule.


My question is: How can I create a rule that will not block such files?


If I whitelist the domain, the problem is solved, but I need to be able to receive such files from any domain.


Any ideas?


Thank you.


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