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Internet Shield Auto Select

SoloIT W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

I have 2, I think related, issues.


1. I've setup various Security Levels in PM 10.10, and they are not available for the client to select from directly on the PC. PM shows the client PC has the latest policy. How are these distributed?


2. I've setup some AutoSelect rules with a default security level. It seems to apply the default security level at boot up. If I disconnect from the network and trigger an AutoSelect rule, the security level changes, as it should. However, when I re-enable the network, the security level does not change back. Why is this?



  • jackma
    jackma W/ Alumni Posts: 25 Cyber Knight



    1. Make sure the new Security Level are actually "enabled" there is an extra mark you can click to the right of the security level in the table.


    2. I strongly suggest you contact F-Secure support about this. With FSDIAG of the client in question and a screenshot of the autoselect ruleset you configured in the Policy Manager so that it is crystal clear what is going on. 


    - Regards

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