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Versions not getting updated

wlu W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout



When I try to check the version under "about" my F-Secure Security Client displays It as version 9.20 which Is the version I'm supposed to have.

But also right under that text It says:

F-Secure Anti-Virus 8.30 (see Image below)


 (darked out the build numbers and the information below to prevent confusion)F-Secure version oklarhet 2.PNG 

In settings It says that my software just got a update check and Is up to date.


Is F-Secure Anti-Virus part of F-Secure Client Security? Or Is it two seperate things?



From what I showed you above:

Does this mean that my Client Security Is updated, but not the Anti-Virus?


  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



    F-Secure Client Security is a corporate-institutional purpose product. It does not update software main version, minor version or build number automatically. New versions are distributed manually or semi-automatically by the sysadmin guy, via the F-Secure Policy Manager Console. The software only receives hotfixes, internal enhancements and malware recognition database updates automatically.


    Currently the "F-Secure Client Security 10.00 build 415" is the latest comprehensive workstation protection software version and "FSAV for Windows Workstations 10.00 build 117" is the latest simplified, traditional workstation antivirus protection.


    Both of these work only in centrally managed mode, under Policy Manager version 10.10's authority. Version 9.32 is a later edition of protection, that can be run on standalone unmanaged workstations (e.g. oft-travelling laptops).


    FSCS version 9.20 is quite old and should be updated quickly!


    By the way, F-Secure Client Security is a product, which has an Anti-virus module and many other modules inside. The version numbers can be different for the product and the modules found inside. That probably confused you.


    Kind regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • wlu
    wlu W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

    Hi there and thanks for response,


    Yes It's correct that new versions are being distributed by the sysadmins for us.

    I do not have the authority to do anything about us using 9.20 today even though It's quite old.


    If I check all the other computers that should have the same policies about the versions being distributed.

    It says that my F-Secure Anti-Virus is 9.30 (which Is supposed to be correct for us), but on certain computers It displays like my screenshot on my previous post.


    So according to the screenshot I posted previously. If I understood you correctly It means that the F-Secure Anti-Virus 8.30 never got a new version and still remains old.?

    In that case It's even worse than our Client Security being version 9.20?



    From the Information I got from our IT-guys they said "Anything below F-Secure Client Version 9.20 are just previous versions/builds" which was very hard for me to believe.



    So In the end I'm just worried If my F-Secure Anti-Virus Is up to date according to the version we're having here which Is supposed to be 9.30. And that doesn't look promising at the moment.





  • wlu
    wlu W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

    Hi, thanks for great response.


    I think I've got the answer from you now.



    The UI's version Is 7.28.


    I will let our incompetent IT-guys handle this now.



    Thanks again to all great answers!





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