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Training needs?

Jarkko W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Junior Protector

Hello everybody!


As some of you might have seen, I am on F-Secure Corporate Training - World Tour 2013

and to provide trainings which meet Your needs, I would appreciate some help over here.


If you have joined our trainings lately (last 2 years), either delivered by someone in a classroom, or by Click How, let me know what did you miss? What was irrelevant? Did you need a training which does not exist?


Stage is yours, tell me what, how, and if you can top the need with why, it would be just excellent! I will these through and try to adapt our trainings to meet your needs better.


(And if you are wondering why your country is not on the world tour list, feel free to contact me and/or your local F-Secure representatives, let's see if the tour bus would stop by :smileyhappy:



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