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Changing the Policy Manager IP in Client Security

SENN-IT W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

Hi everyone,


since some time we have some Problems with F-Secure Client Security.


Some of the Clients grab the Old IP of the Policy Manager Server. Even though they where created on the New Server.


Is there somehow a way to change the IP in the Client without a full uninstall and reinstall?



Kind Regards,




  • Costas-Inter
    Costas-Inter W/ Alumni Posts: 36 Security Scout



    This should not happen with your new clients unless you have some errors in your policy tree in the specific setting.


    I would suggest that you select your 'root' policy domain, and on the communication setting for Policy Manager URL, right-click and 'Show Domain Values'. You should have only correct IP(s). If not change them.


    Then you should export your installation packages and make sure that you include your 'root' or policy domains with correct IP. So the newly installed Client Securities will point to the correct PMS IP.


    Now for the already installed ones, there is an option for exporting policy file from Console. I can't remember if there's still an option to insert this policy file in Client Security (check documentation). If yes, then when you import the new poilcy the correct IP should apply. Unless you have not this setting locked, so you can change it at Client Security side by hand.





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