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F-Secure publishes hotfix for certain F-Secure Linux security solutions

Jenni W/ Alumni Posts: 10 Cyber Knight

F-Secure has published a hotfix forcertain F-Secure Linux security solutions to accommodate vendor-released security updates for third party components. F-Secure recommends that administrators of the affected systems patch or upgrade their systems.

For more information on the hotfix, refer to the Security Advisory FSC-2013-2.


Note: Applying this hotfix does not require a reboot.


  • hewtac
    hewtac W/ Alumni Posts: 10 Security Scout

    Hello all,

    We've received reports that the hotfixes for Linux Security fail to install properly on centrally-managed installations. R&D is already aware of the issue, and is working hard to update the hotfix so that they will work for both standalone and centrally-managed installations.

    • The existing hotfixes still work on standalone installations.
    • This issue does not affect the Internet Gatekeeper hotfixes and PSB Linux Security hotfxes.


    Our sincere apologies in advance for any inconveniences caused, we will update this thread again when the new hotfixes are ready.



  • hewtac
    hewtac W/ Alumni Posts: 10 Security Scout

    Hello again,


    Just a short update; the hotfixes have been prepared, but are still undergoing testing before they're ready for release. We expect the hotfixes to be ready next week; for those who need a workaround now, you can do the following before installing the hotfix:

    1. Open with a text editor.
    2. Search for the following line:
      $FSAV_CONFIG --auto >/dev/null 2>&1 || exiterror "Failed to re-configure"
    3. Edit the line as below:
      $FSAV_CONFIG || exiterror "Failed to re-configure"
    4. Save the changes.
    5. Proceed with the hotfix installation as documented in the readme file.

    [update] Step #3 updated with the entire string, as per changes to the next hotfix.

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