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Duplicate hosts after upgrading to PM 10.01

J-C W/ Alumni Posts: 46 Security Scout



I have started seeing duplicate hosts (sometime 3-4 of the same) in the PMC after upgrading to the latest version, earlier I was running 9.00.  It´s one machine, but 2-4 different occurs in the PMC, same IP address etc.


Can someone explain to me why this happens? 


Before, when importing hosts, I got a choice if I wanted to overwrite existing host, e.g. when reinstalling a machine. 


Have this feature been removed from PMC 10.10 or is it possible to configure it somehow?


Please see the below pic for an example of what I see in the console.




Any help getting this straightened out is greatly appreciated! :)





  • J-C
    J-C W/ Alumni Posts: 46 Security Scout

    I have seen this on some more hosts lately. Also, I notice that in the pic I attached, why is there difference in the policy counter on the server, shouldn´t that be the same?


    Any ideas to point me in the right direction, someone?





  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello J-C,


    Please, contact our support. They will provide you a fix for this issue.


    Best regards,


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