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F-Secure Server Security 10 and Policy Manager 11 on same server

fossehs W/ Alumni Posts: 13 Security Scout

Dear F-Secure experts,


Have recently installed Policy Manager 11 on a server which had a standalone install of F-Secure for Server 9 in existance.

Succeeded in a rollout of desktop policies from the Policy Manager and appears to be working well.


Downloaded and imported the JAR for F-Secure Server Security 10 and exported as a MSI.

Run the install of the F-Secure Server Security 10 exported MSI on the same server (to upgrade from 9 to 10).


The F-Secure Server Security 10 appears to be working and updating from F-Secure but it doesn't want to communicate to the Policy Manager.  In General - Administration shows the correct fqdn address to the policy manager but I cannot import the server into the Policy Manager. I can perform the test of opening the browser on the server and it can reach the Policy Manager.


On the F-Secure Server Security 10 it does say last connection time and changes when I poll the server.


Anything obvious that I am missing or should be doing?


One supplemental question - What will be the maximum total amount of space that Policy Manager will consume? (I witnessed that Symantec EndPoint Protection requires 20GB when it first released and killed all the small business servers!).


Kind Regards




  • fossehs
    fossehs W/ Alumni Posts: 13 Security Scout

    To get the server to communicate to itself - I need to restart the F-Secure Management Agent and F-Secure ORSP Client services.


    Can I offer a little feedback to F-Secure - the labels on the left hand side of F-Secure Server Security 10 web interface are very dark and hard to read.


  • fossehs
    fossehs W/ Alumni Posts: 13 Security Scout



    Thankyou for your response.

    Restarted the services did fix the SS Communications

    <F5> did work - thus placing the page in compatibility view which changes the text from black to white - much easier to read!

    Thank you



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