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F-secure Client Security, Firefox and

katzid W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

Hi community,


My problem is that I have started to be get warnings from F-secure Client Security while web-surfing that




The point is that I am not visiting that blocked site, but I guess it redirects me to it. I made some research myself and found out that these quantserve "things" are just tracking cookies for a big data collecting company.

I tried to block it in my:

1. Firefox browser; 2. Windows hosts file; 3. Internet filter in D-link router

but with no success so far.

Could anyone clarify how can I solve this issue?


  • Jedflash
    Jedflash W/ Alumni Posts: 22 Security Scout



    We have had this problem too.  It only seems to affect Firefox version 22,  IE is not affected.


    For now i have had to switch off Browsing protection because we have over 600 users many of which use Firefox 22 and have had a number of websites blocked.


    Can someone please update us to when this will be fixed?





  • katzid
    katzid W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Well, I think it was fixed somehow since I have no longer receive that type of messages. At the mean time, I switched to TOR browser bundle, which helps with all that tracking stuff.

  • Jedflash
    Jedflash W/ Alumni Posts: 22 Security Scout

    Cheers - i will give it a go and report back

  • Jayson
    Jayson W/ Alumni Posts: 106 Firewall Master



    I have moved this post to End-point Security board as F-Secure Client Security is part of our Business Suite product.



    Best Regards,

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