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Comedy of errors in erronous keycodes

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A customer was running FSCS9. He upgraded the FSPM to version 11 and then selected the root policy domain in FSPMC. He choose upgrade for his workstation client computers (over 200 of them). He choose the FSCS 11 (Standard Edition) as the binary package for upgrade and sent it out with the TRIAL keycode of FSCS 11 Premium Edition... That little mistake created a big problem:


The client workstations which have already received the package are now displaying interactive pop-up warnings about 30 days being left of the trial period and begging the user to register the product with a purchased keycode. Users are freaked out and the sysadmin is also freaked out.


He stopped the FS-PMS and FS-PMUS (AUS) services on the Windows Server to stop further distribution of the wrong version upgrade over the weekend. They haven't made any FSPM backups recently. What should he do now?


- Is there a method to reactivate the FSPMS but without continuing the pushing of a wrong upgrade distribution package?


- Can he remedy the workstations that have already received the wrong upgrade and are now doing the F-Secure trial warning pop-up? They apparently cannot be reinstalled from the PMC via push install, MSI export or in-line upgrade methods, even though the correct FSCS11 Standard commercial keycode is now being used. Uninstall via AD GPO failed. Not even F-Secure UI-tool will cleanse the workstations sufficiently to allow for an FSCS11 reinstallation.


Please suggest some ideas for a smart resolution of this silly case!


Thanks in advance, Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


P.s.: F-Secure SR-ID 1-595957560


  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Tamas,


    Playing with H2DB is not that easy and i wouldn't recommend this for such inattentive admin. Maybe just disconnect the server from network, open the PMC, delete incorrect row form the installations table, distribute policies and that's it.


    Can the admin just ask end users to enter the correct keycode when the next pop-up appears?

    If not, then policy based reinstallation should help. I understand why push install doesn't work - it could be blocked by F-Secure firewall. But msi insttallation with full keycode should help as well.

    If both policy based and msi reinstallation failed to fix the issue, then the only way is to uninstall and clean registry (Data Fellows).


    Best regards,


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