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fssc.cfg file

rino W/ Alumni Posts: 8 Security Scout

after following the admin guide, i found the fssc.cfg file and restart the content server. i just renamed the sample to fssc.cfg and didn't actually edited the file as from reading it, it looks like it's a default config and therefore usable (to some extent).


can someone tell me if what i did is correct or should i heavily edit it just to make SPAM control work?


  • Dmitriy
    Dmitriy W/ Alumni Posts: 179 Threat Terminator

    Spam Control should actually work even without touching fssc.cfg. Do you see any errors in the product logs or get spam messages undetected. Note that you need to create and modify fssc.cfg only if you want to use DNSBL/RBL checks, which may (or may not) improve spam detection but can significantly impact product performance.

  • Peter
    Peter W/ Alumni Posts: 127 Threat Terminator


    Topic moved to "E-mail and Web Protection"

  • garlangreeny
    garlangreeny MyAccount Posts: 10 Security Scout

    I can't find this topic on the other category. Any link I could follow please? image

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