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Reset UID?

Askoik W/ Alumni Posts: 27 Security Scout

On early versions of Client Security we used command "fsmautil resetuid" before taking an image of installation. Now I haven't made any new images for couple years, but tomorrow we should create a new image of Win 7 workstation installation and spread it into some new machines.


I noticed that the new version of Client Security has two different ways to create UID. Which one I should choose for image installation and how do I reset the F-secure UID before taking image? With the same tool as I did several years ago?


Or does it reset automatically when I reset Windows SID with sysprep tool?






  • Jayson
    Jayson W/ Alumni Posts: 106 Firewall Master

    Hi Asko,

    Just to add an information to your post. This might be helpful to other user with the same question.


    Reset SID doesn't help in this case as the SID is OS-based identifier but SMBIOS GUID (aka UUID) is stored in the BIOS. Both are unique and used for different functions.

    The format of both Machine SID and UUID shown below:
    Machine SID -> S-1-(1d)-(10d-10d-10d)
    UUID -> Pretty print: (8d)-(4d)-(4d)-(4d)-(12d) or Raw byte order: (32digits)

    You should have no issue using SMBIOS GUID to clone an installation or deploying image in virtual enviroments. According to industry standards hardware BIOS should not be cloned, same as MAC address, these IDs should be unique.   


    Hope this helps.


    Best Regards,

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