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F-Secure Device Control Block USB Failed!

MichaelYou W/ Alumni Posts: 14 Security Scout

Dear Sir :


My company using PMS (version 10.10.44982) and Client Security (9.32 build 112). We are using "Device Control Serivce" to prevent user using USB Storage Device and I found a problem when user insert USB Storage Device,right corner pop-up "Device was blocked" and I can see Windows Event Log & F-Secure Log file & PMS Console show "Device 'Mass Storage Device' (id:USB\VID_8564&PID_1000\78FGV9IR) has been blocked. Applied rule 'USB Mass Storage Devices'" But in fact, it can READ & WRITE in windows explorer....(even user don't have local administrator permission and i am pretty sure device service (process) is running normally.) Could you please give me support to find problem? thank you very much.

P.S : I am tried to repair F-Secure Client Security from PMS Console but problem still exist.




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