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Client security 11 - F-Secure Anti-Virus ERROR

Spacetwo W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout

Hi all,


after an installation of the new Client security 11 on a remote pc (win xp sp3) I report this error:


Product: F-Secure Management Agent (OID:
Severity: error (3)
Message: The module F-Secure Anti-Virus Handler monitored by F-Secure Management Agent has stopped responding or was terminated. Restarting it was not possible and it will not be functional until the computer is restarted. If this message appears after restarting the computer, contact the system administrator or reinstall F-Secure products.


I try to uninstall, delete folder F-secure and then reboot and reinstall the product but remote pc doesn't update Antivirus and Antispyware definition.


How can I protect that pc? I have no idea..

Can I force the update with a command tool?




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