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Microsoft Security Advisory (2887505) / Are we protected?

Costas-Inter W/ Alumni Posts: 36 Security Scout

Hello just wanted to ask if using Client Security or F-Secure Antivirus for workstation, protects you from this vulnerability, that is still upatched.



Microsoft Security Advisory (2887505)


Thank you



P.S. I re-state my proposal that separate 'security' category should be created dealing with detections and security incidents in this Community forum.



  • AniaC
    AniaC W/ Alumni Posts: 63 Digital Defender

    Hi Costas-Inter,

    referring to your separate 'security' category proposal - thank you, valid point.

    I'll create a separate board for that, possibly still this week.

  • Fendy
    Fendy W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Digital Defender

    Hi Costas-Inter,


    We have prepared a detection for this as Exploit:HTML/CVE-2013-3893.A with Hydra database version 2013-09-20_06 at 08:01:32 UTC.


    Kindly refer to our protection lading page for this security advisory:



    Best regards,


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