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F-Secure White Paper: Upgrading Client Security and Policy Manager in 4 easy steps

Peter W/ Alumni Posts: 127 Threat Terminator

Related to the previous important End-of-life for 8-series announcement and to ease the upgrade for our customers, F-Secure has prepared a white paper describing how to easily upgrade existing environments running Client Security 8-series managed with Policy Manager version 8 or 9 on Windows Server platforms to Client Security 9-series.

The document is intended for IT administrators of SMB companies using Windows operating systems and its purpose is to give a visual and clear overview of the process without adding too much fine detail.

The white paper is attached.

The previous important announcement of End-of-life for 8-series is here.



  • keiooz
    keiooz MyAccount Posts: 9 Security Scout

    Thank  you so much for sharing this PDF file. I learned alot about upgrading client security and more. I guess the same procedure works on other version. image

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