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Problem with F-Secure Email and Server Security 10, cannot quarantine message

geoneu W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

Dear all!


We have the problem that FS ESS 10 cannot quarantine mails. During installation we did all settings as described in the manual and shared the folders for quarantine storage and quarantine logs with permissions for System, Administrator and Exchange Domain Servers. These folders are placed on a seperated server in our network. We also checked the sql-server and everything looks fine there (connection test from f-secure web console on exchange server is ok). As next step we checked the permissions of the shared folders and added "everyone" with full control on the shared folders and now mails were quarantined and log-files were written. So - is there a special user missing which is used by F-Secure to quarantine mails and write logfiles (fqmuser?)? We didn't find any information in the manual.


Can anyone help us please?


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