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Staedtler MyAccount Posts: 3 Security Scout

Each time a PDF file on an online web application is opened the f-secure gives me a notification 'gen:variant.kazy.39638'.

Details show me that the f-secure deletes a temporary file that is created in the 'c:\windows\Temp' for opening the pdf-file.

Belgian Defence uses clone computers. Each installation is thus the same. Only one new computer installation shows me this error.

Windows 7 IE 8 and adobe acrobat 8.0

F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations 9.11 build 101

F-Secure Anti-Virus 9.30 build 17091
F-Secure Automatic Update Agent 8.26 build 5083
F-Secure User Interface 9.30 build 8973
F-Secure Management Agent 8.21 build 67
F-Secure Email Scanner  build
F-Secure DeepGuard 3.00 build 173
F-Secure Online Help 1.98 build 1030
F-Secure Customization AV4WKS/1.30.01

  Copyright (c) 1994-2007, PUC-Rio.
  Copyright (c) Reuben Thomas 2000-2006.

For full license information please see licenses-fsewin.txt in the product installation folder.



  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master
    This is your main problem:

    "IE 8 and adobe acrobat 8.0"

    Cloning only means that the systems are the same when installed. after the first time of use they differ, depending on what pages, URLs, PDF Flashes aso. the user surfed to.

    My best advise: create a new image ASAP with IE9 and Acrobat 10 (and do not forget to include al the missing Windows updates!)

  • Staedtler
    Staedtler MyAccount Posts: 3 Security Scout

    I installed all updates of the adobe 8 until 8.3.0.

    I also installed the latest version of the IE explorer.


    No change.


    I shall now uninstall the adobe and see if it gives a difference.


    But it still is a bizar problem. All other images do not show any problem.


    We started to check if there is a difference in the log files and its updates (defenition files)

  • Jayson
    Jayson W/ Alumni Posts: 106 Firewall Master

    Hi Staedtler,

    I would suggest you to open a support ticket for further investigation. Kindly attach a FSDIAG together with your ticket, you may include this post in your e-mail as well.


    Best Regards,

  • jhc_dk
    jhc_dk W/ Member Posts: 9 Cyber Knight

    I get A LOT of these aswell. Not sure why or where they come from. Pretty much have to go through 10-20 of these every day. I expect they are false positives, but still annoying to have to clear the alerts every day.

  • Staedtler
    Staedtler MyAccount Posts: 3 Security Scout

    I wil try to create a fsdiag file and verify how large it is and wich information is inside. Just to be certain.


    Then I will check if it is possible to create a support issue.


    I am certain it are false possitive, but restriction in our domain limit my possible settings.


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